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Welcome to Member Zone, the internal resource website for adult Members of GGC! Member Zone contains a number of useful resources including general organizational information, policies and procedures, training opportunities, program resources and communication materials.

Member Zone is a password-protected website for adult Members only. To login, you need your Membership (iMIS) number, which can be found on your Membership card.

Have you changed you e-mail address?  Don’t forget to update your iMIS record with your new e-mail address!


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Member Zone Help

Click here to view Help and Video Tutorials

These easy to follow video tutorials will guide you through different steps of accessing the Member Zone, navigating your way through, options that you can customize etc. These tutorials require Shockwave Player. To download the player visit Macromedia's website

Girl Members

Girl and youth Members can access Girl Zone, an online community for girls to have discussions with other girls of their branch level. Girl Zone is a password-protected website for girls, moderated by adult Members. To login, you need your Membership (iMIS) number.

Girls can also visit Patrol, GGC’s site for Pathfinders, Trex and Rangers (ages 12 – 17). This site has information about scholarships, international travel, career transitioning and features the Patrol blog. Patrol is the place for teens to have their say and connect with other teens and young women in Guiding.


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